Caroline Gagné

Caroline Gagné (Photo by Sylvain Giguère)

Caroline Gagné has been the program director for western Quebec at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) since 2017. She began working with NCC's Quebec Region in 2009.

Caroline is responsible for projects in the Ottawa region, in particular NCC’s land protection and stewardship activities in the Ottawa and Gatineau valleys. She is also responsible for coordinating research projects on species at risk, identifying conservation priorities, coordinating land acquisitions, managing protected natural areas and implementing activities to enhance natural habitats.

Caroline is also a member of the western chorus frog and the Quebec turtle recovery teams, as well as a member of the provincial implementation group for Blanding’s and eastern musk turtles.

Caroline holds a bachelor's degree in environmental science, with a specialization in biology and conservation, as well as a master's in environmental biogeosciences.