Sean Feagan

Sean Feagan (Photo courtesy Sean Feagan)

Sean Feagan is the media and communications coordinator for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Alberta. He works to spread the word of all the incredible work NCC achieves in the province, including media releases, blog posts and other communications.

Sean started with NCC in April 2022. He has a longstanding love for nature and is a true believer of the land-based conservation work NCC performs to the benefit of us all.

Sean earned a master’s degree in biology (landscape ecology) from Carleton University in Ottawa and a journalism diploma from SAIT in Calgary. He spent the three years prior to joining NCC as a news reporter and previous to that, as an environmental consultant and biologist in Alberta.

Sean loves birding and photography, and really, the combination of the two. Over the past year or so, He started getting into videography a bit more seriously, which he has been having fun doing. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking, ultimate frisbee, and he is learning how to rock climb.