Meet NCC’s 2023 summer interns: Misha Golin

Misha Golin hugging a tree (Photo by NCC)

Misha Golin hugging a tree (Photo by NCC)

September 4, 2023 | by Kyla Cortez

As my internship with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) comes to an end, it has been an honour to connect with fellow interns from across the nation to share their stories and inspire future NCC interns and volunteers to work in this organization that I called home for the past 10 weeks.

Our last intern in this blog series is the wonderful Misha Golin, conservation and trail technician intern in Happy Valley Forest, located 45 minutes north of Toronto. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ecology and a master’s in environmental science from the University of Guelph.

This is Misha’s second summer working for NCC. Last year, she was a conservation technician in Elgin, Ontario — a municipality three hours away from Toronto.

Misha Golin in waders with retired trees at a creek (Photo by NCC)

Misha Golin in waders with retired trees at a creek (Photo by NCC)

“When I was searching for opportunities after graduation and doing some volunteer work for other companies, such as Ontario Parks, NCC was highly recommended to me by ecologists. I was really drawn to NCC because of the leading conservation work they have done — which is what I felt passionate about too — and how [NCC’s work] had an impact across Canada,” she shared.

Misha has learned so much in her new role this summer. “I learned how to identify different kinds of species, whether birds or plants. I also learned how to deal with people from all walks of life and what it is like working for an environmental organization. I find it useful for my future career as a conservationist.”

She also mentions that these lessons contributed to her work habits and personal development. “I got to step out of my comfort zone, in a good way, through this internship, and [NCC] really put me in a leadership role, which I have never done before. I also share my knowledge more and what I have learned at work to other people.”

Birdwatching is one of Misha's passions (Photo by NCC)

Birdwatching is one of Misha's passions (Photo by NCC)

Along with her passion for protecting wildlife and conserving biodiversity, Misha loves bird watching, crocheting and watching anime.

Misha advises future conservation interns to have an adaptable mindset. “Sometimes, events can get cancelled due to the weather or other factors.” She also adds, “Do not be afraid to ask questions and talk about what you are passionate about! If you love birds, plants or reptiles, talk to your supervisor and see if there are any projects related to those passions.”

In this final post of the series, we applaud Misha for her steadfast dedication to land conservation and restoration. Thank you for tuning in every week for insightful stories from the field!

The 2023 Conservation Intern Program in Ontario is proudly supported by 407 ETR.

Kyla Cortez (Photo courtesy of Kyla Cortez)

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Kyla Cortez is the Nature Conservancy of Canada's internal communications & culture intern for the summer of 2023. She is currently doing a double major in English and book and media studies at the University of Toronto. Aside from journalism and academics, she loves birds, going to parks and travelling to different places.

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