Whitley Macaulay (Photo courtesy Whitley Macaulay)

Whitley Macaulay (Photo courtesy Whitley Macaulay)

Whitley Macaulay

Natural Area Manager

Whitley Macaulay is the natural area manager for the southern Foothills. Within this gorgeous landscape, Whitley manages the day-to-day needs and activities of the area’s conservation agreements and fee simple properties. An average day on the job for Whitley may include anything from hiking through the hills collecting data, monitoring wildlife, being parked at her desk writing reports, to discussing stewardship with landowners over a cup of coffee. One special character of Whitley’s role is that she grew up within the area she manages. Whitley truly brings a pure and valuable relationship with the land and people to her position. 

Being a native to the southern Foothills area and having a keen passion for the protection of the areas natural and cultural heritage, Whitley found a perfect fit for her career with NCC. Whitley joined NCC in October 2022, less than a year after graduating from Lethbridge College where she received a diploma in renewable resource management and a degree in ecosystem management, majoring in fish and wildlife management.

Prior to working with NCC, Whitley was the assistant agricultural fieldman at the M.D. of Willow Creek where she proudly provided six years of service to the municipality’s landowners in invasive species control, stewardship initiatives and environmental public education. Whitley also serves as an active member of the Alberta chapter of the Wildlife Society. Looking ahead on her career, Whitley continues to work toward becoming a registered professional biologist within the province of Alberta. She strives to continue the development of her career with NCC and the landowners of the southern Foothills for many years to come.

As a true lover of all things in nature, Whitley likes to spend her free time hiking the foothills, hunting, fishing, bird watching and just being outside. Whitley also enjoys team roping and spending time outdoors on horseback. On top of her role with NCC, she runs a saddle shop business with her dad based out of the Claresholm area. And when a good thunderstorm or star gazing night is upon southern Alberta, Whitley can be found with her eyes to the sky for hours.

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