Alberta staff at Niagara on the Lake (Photo courtesy Leta Pezderic)

Alberta staff at Niagara on the Lake (Photo courtesy Leta Pezderic)


  • Andi Romito (Photo courtesy Andi Romito)
    Andi Romito

    Andi is a senior development officer for the Capital Region

  • Beth McLarnon (Photo courtesy Beth McLarnon)
    Beth McLarnon

    Beth McLarnon is the data and information coordinator for the Alberta region.

  • Cara Borbely (Photo courtesy Cara Borbely)
    Cara Borbely

    Cara Borbely is the acting regional controller for the Alberta region.

  • Delaney Schlemko (Photo courtesy Delaney Schlemko)
    Delaney Schlemko

    Delaney Schlemko is the acting natural area manager for Central Alberta

  • Doug Vincent (Photo courtesy of Doug Vincent)
    Doug Vincent

    Doug is NCC's habitat acquisition manager for the Alberta Region.

  • Emilie Brien (Photo courtesy of Emilie Brien)
    Emilie Brien

    Emilie is the natural area manager for Castle-Crowsnest watershed.

  • Hannah Schaepsmeyer (Photo courtesy Hannah Schaepsmeyer)
    Hannah Schaepsmeyer

    Hannah is the Conservation Volunteers program manager

  • kasia-brytan-photo-courtesy-of-kasia-brytan
    Kasia Brytan

    Kasia Brytan is a development officer with the Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • Kate Tucker (Photo courtesy Kate Tucker)
    Kate Tucker

    Kate is the acting natural area manager for the Bow region

  • Katelyn Ceh (Photo courtesy Katelyn Ceh)
    Katelyn Ceh

    Katelyn is the manager of conservation for the parklands and grassland

  • Keltie Manolakas, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Keltie Manolakas

    Keltie is the Alberta Region's manager of engagement.

  • Kristie (Romanow) Wegener (Photo courtesy of Kristie (Romanow) Wegener)
    Kristie (Romanow) Wegener

    Kristie (Romanow) Wegener is the manager of conservation for the Alberta Region's Rocky Mountain Front.

  • Larry Simpson (Photo by NCC)
    Larry Simpson

    Larry is the Alberta Region's director of strategic philanthropy and conservation, as well as the associate regional vice-president.

  • Lee Moltzahn (Photo courtesy Lee Moltzahn/NCC staff)
    Lee Moltzahn

    Lee is the natural area manager for the Southern Foothills.

  • Leta Pezderic (Photo by Brent Calver)
    Leta Pezderic

    Leta is the natural area manager for south central Alberta.

  • Lisa Jacober (Photo by Harrison Boyd)
    Lisa Jacober

    Lisa is the Executive Assistant and Secretary to the Regional Board in Alberta

  • Lynne Hately (Photo by Harrison Boyd)
    Lynne Hately

    Lynne Hately is the acting director of development and communications

  • Megan Jensen (Photo courtesy Megan Jensen/NCC staff)
    Megan Jensen

    Megan is the natural area manager for southeast Alberta

  • Sarah Asad (Photo courtesy Sarah Asad)
    Sarah Asad

    Sarah is the finance administrator for the Alberta region

  • Suzanne Marechal (Photo courtesy Suzanne Marechal)
    Suzanne Marechal

    Suzanne is the GIS technician for NCC’s Alberta Region

  • Tenzin Lektsog (Photo courtesy Tenzin Lektsog)
    Tenzin Lektsog

    Tenzin is the development and communications assistant in the Alberta Region

  • Tom Lynch-Staunton at Bunchberry Meadows (Photo by NCC)
    Tom Lynch-Staunton

    Tom Lynch-Staunton is Alberta's regional vice-president.

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