Darkwoods Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Darkwoods Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

West Kootenay

  • Alpine Lake on Darkwoods, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

    The lush valleys, rugged peaks, tumbling creeks and deep lakes of British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains are both astoundingly beautiful and ecologically important.

  • Northern leopard frog (Photo by Barb Houston)
    Frog Bear Conservation Corridor

    Named after two of the species that will most benefit from its protection, our Frog Bear Conservation Area builds connectivity and safeguards wetland habitat in the Creston Valley.

  • Midgeley, BC (Photo by Steve Ogle)
    Midgeley Conservation Area

    The Midgeley Conservation Area is the newest addition to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s wildlife corridor initiative in south-eastern British Columbia that aims to make it easier for an isolated population of grizzlies to connect with a more abundant bear population to the east.

  • Aerial shot of Bonanza Marsh Conservation Area (Photo by Ryan Durand)
    Bonanza Marsh Conservation Area

    Bonanza Marsh harbours some of the most intact wetlands of the Slocan Lake watershed.

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