A five-year-old entomologist-in-training

Hannah, a five-year-old amateur entomologist taking care of monarch chrysalises. (Photo by NCC)

With the help of my dad, I’d like to tell you everything I know about monarch butterflies. Don’t worry — I’ll explain the life cycle, the special habitat requirements and the incredible migration to Mexico. By the way,...

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Halloween monsters rooted in nature

Vampire finch (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

The leaves have changed, the air has cooled and the pumpkins have been carved. You know what that means — it’s Halloween! This spooky custom has always been my favourite. Growing up, I always took the opportunity to dress up as the...

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The ABCs of Conservation Volunteers

A young CV capping the posts with post caps provided by Mosaic potash. (Photo by NCC)

Over the years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Conservation Volunteers (CV) have helped protect habitat for many species, all while creating a budding community among nature lovers across Canada. Since 2006, NCC’s CV...

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Say yes to nature at your wedding

For our photos, we went with a natural setting — the restored wetlands at Evergreen Brickworks. (Photo by Wynn Photo)

For my husband and me, nature is a big part of our lives. One of our first dates was a walk in a local conservation area. We have travelled all over North America and beyond, visiting some of the most spectacular natural wonders on Earth: the...

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Heard it from a Scout: Why it's important to promote nature stewardship among youth

Oakville Scouts hold a community cleanup during Good Turn Week. (Photo from Scouts Canada)

Nature is a magnificent thing, from waking up to the sweet sound of birds in the spring, to floating in cool, salty water on a hot, summer day, to majestic, snowy mountaintops in the winter. So much beauty can be found in nature, yet humans have a...

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The call of the Carden

Team Pedalling for Nature includes Cameron Curran, Aiesha Aggarwal, Dorthea Hangaard and Susan Blayney. (Photo by NCC)

Just imagine an opportunity to embark on an expedition that immerses you in the depths of wilderness, where you get to learn, explore and engage with nature alongside like-minded people — a whirlwind "safari," if you will. For 24 hours,...

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Snapping up turtle eggs

Snapping turtle eggs were packed in damp sand for transport. (Photo by David Beevis)

Turtle populations face a number of threats, including loss of habitat and being hit while crossing roads. Recently, turtle populations in a local lake near where we live in Port Hope, Ontario, was exposed to a combination of factors threatening...

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Heard it from a Scout: Why nature is good for the brain

Nature can present some exciting challenges, such as canoeing through some white-water rapids! (Photo by Edward Tse)

Many of us have busy lives and hectic schedules. Whether it’s responsibilities at work, school or home, we often spend too much time indoors. Compared to lifestyles of the past, modern urban life often doesn’t provide us with the many...

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Help make an impact this season

Matthew Braun demonstrates how to plant a seedling (Photo by NCC)

When it comes to nature conservation, a little goes a long way. Small-scale conservation efforts can have a huge impact and help ensure that we and future generations can enjoy precious natural spaces. With fall quickly approaching, the Nature...

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You never know what you'll find in your own backyard

Acorn weevil (Photo by Jenn Forman Orth)

Acorn weevil (Photo by Jenn Forman Orth)

It was late in the afternoon last summer when I decided to relax by reading a book in my backyard gazebo in Winnipeg. As I looked up from my book, I saw a tiny insect, backlit by the sun, fly for a few metres across the yard and then vanish from...

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