Brandon Ward

Brandon Ward (photo courtesy Brandon Ward)

I was born and raised in the small rural fishing community of Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland and Labrador — now more commonly known as the “Gateway to Mistaken Point and Cape Race”. As a kid, most of my time was spent outdoors playing in the bog, building bough cabins, "trouting" in the small ponds and rivers and occasionally snaring rabbits. Although I had a modest upbringing I feel privileged to have had the freedom to roam the barrens and woods and make weekend trips to the cabin.

Into my late teens and early twenties my summer employment at the local interpretation centre and as a provincial interpretation technician at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve allowed my interest in ecology and culture to flourish. I took many university courses to supplement these interests, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in ecology and conservation with electives in the arts: cultural geography, Newfoundland society and culture, and more.  The completion of my degree combined with my work experience has allowed me to develop a true appreciation for nature. 

My leisure activities now consist mainly of hiking and travelling Newfoundland, always interpreting its beautiful natural and cultural landscapes. My current and first full-time position since graduating university as a conservation intern with the Nature Conservancy of Canada has been everything I had hoped it would be and I feel privileged to play an effective role in promoting conservation in my home province.