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The risky business of private land conservation

Gentle hands

What’s the difference between the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and some of Canada’s largest businesses, including banks, grocery chains and telecommunication giants? Not much, actually. In the world of for-profit business,...

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Robin (Photo by Lee Karney, USWFS)

Robin (Photo by Lee Karney, USWFS)

When I was a year old my parents moved to a quarter section of bush where they built a farm. I would guesstimate that 95 per cent of what our family ate was grown on that farm. To build the nutrients up in the field’s clay soil Dad planted...

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Farewell, Mr. Mowat

Marie Tremblay (Photo courtesy of Marie Tremblay/NCC staff)

Marie Tremblay spent five years teaching in the North, in addition to working for the Geological Survey of Canada as a summer student (Photo courtesy Marie Tremblay/NCC staff)

Even if his last name is radically different from mine and he was from a very different part of the country, I still feel like Farley Mowat was part of our family. Growing up in Quebec, his books were all around our house, as my sister and I,...

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Tales from the pond - Part 1

Kristyn Ferguson out for a snowy day of field work (Photo by NCC)

All in a day's work! Still smiling, even though the weather was somewhat colder than predicted! (Photo by NCC)

At a property owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in the Georgian Bay–Huronia subregion, a beautiful stream courses through a deciduous forest, providing excellent habitat for coldwater fish species including brown trout, and for...

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