Longing for the long weekend

Birding at the Tabusintac Estuary, NB (Photo by NCC)

Birding at the Tabusintac Estuary, NB (Photo by NCC)

May 16, 2014 | by Carly Digweed

Much of my adolescence has prepared me well for long weekends. I grew up exploring forests, watching clouds and skipping through puddles — an amateur explorer, some might say. And I can assure you that this angst to be surrounded by green has yet to dissolve. My time out of office is mostly spent outdoors, so having an extra day tacked onto my weekend to explore amateurely is like a gigantic, unwrapped gift of pure enjoyment.

Rain or shine, time spent in nature is proved to be a relaxer, rejuvenator and overall good-mood-putter-inner. A recent Ipsos Reid poll found that more than 97 per cent of Canadians feel that getting outdoors is important to their family’s well-being. Studies have also shown that spending time outside can help decrease stress and increase feelings of happiness — perfect for the long weekend!

But what’s there to do?

With the recent launch of its 2015 Conservation Volunteers season, NCC offers a calendar filled with family friendly activities from coast to coast. Why not sign up for an event, so you and your friends can lend a hand in on-the-ground conservation work while you soak up the sun? And, you’ll gain important knowledge about protecting Canada’s landscapes for years to come.

If manual labour doesn’t quite fit the bill for you and your friends this weekend, NCC also grants access to some of their picturesque lands across the country. Here, you’ll find designated hiking trails, incredible natural scenery fit for photography enthusiasts and plenty of bird-spotting opportunities (not to mention the wide range of other species that make their homes in these stunning settings).

Perhaps you were planning on staying close to home this weekend. Well, there’s outdoor potential for you homebodies as well. Dust off your gardening gear and get growing. Mid-May is a great time to start prepping your garden for native plants.

However you hope to celebrate the three-day weekend — inside or out — remember that fun is yours to be had, so go and get it!

Have exciting long weekend plans? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Carly Digweed (Photo courtesy of Carly Digweed)

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