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Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area, AB (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area, AB (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

January 4, 2018 | by Wendy Ho

Every year, Land Lines is filled with submissions from across the country, with tales touching on a variety of topics — from the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) stewardship work, to heartwarming accounts of conservation successes. Each day, new stories unfold as the work continues on the ground or behind the scenes.

Here are our top 10 posts from 2017, each celebrating nature and the importance of conservation:

10. Species at risk need our help

On May 3, 2017, the Government of Canada announced that nine additional aquatic species were officially protected under the Species at Risk Act. Find out what they were and why they made the list.

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9. Top 10 forests to visit across Canada

More than half of Canada is covered in forests. The next time you’re deciding which nature spot to explore, check out NCC’s top 10 picks for publicly accessible forests.

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8. Seven tweetable facts about beavers

Beavers are considered one of nature’s most impressive engineers, from reshaping forests, to building dams that restore wetlands. Learn a fun fact or two about these busy critters.

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7. How birds survive the winter

Unlike humans who can seek shelter in insulated buildings, wildlife have to brave harsh Canadian winters head on. So how do they do it? Learn about how black-capped chickadees fight the frosty temperatures on the prairies.

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6. 10 tweetable facts about turtles

Globally, turtle and tortoise populations are in decline. But you can help by learning more about them and their conservation needs. Beef up your turtle knowledge with these fast facts.

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5. 10 species protected thanks to Conservation Volunteers, coast to coast

What do native bees, semipalmated sandpipers and marsh marigolds have in common? They’re all species that have benefited from the hard work of Conservation Volunteers. Each year, thousands of volunteers lend a hand to nature by helping NCC with our conservation work.

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4. Heard it from a Scout: 10 apps to help you explore nature

Technology can disconnect people from nature, but it can also connect them when used in the right way. Here is a list of apps that allows users to get closer to nature, with functions ranging from species identification to logging charity miles while exercising.

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3. Bee our guest: How to build a bee hotel

Use your craftiness for conservation by making a DIY bee hotel that will help provide a place to nest for solitary bees that prefer to live in above-ground cavities.

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2. 12 tweetable facts about Chinese zodiac animals

According to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, one animal is assigned to each year of a 12-year cycle. Learn some fun facts associated with each animal.

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1. Heard it from a Scout: 15 things you may not know you can recycle

Up your recycling game and do your part for the environment by learning about the items that you may not know can be recycled.

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