Creative conservation challenge: Your 2015 nature year in review

Grizzly bear (Photo by Caroline Henri)

Grizzly bear (Photo by Caroline Henri)

December 31, 2015 | by Christine Beevis Trickett

Each day, we’re surrounded by Canada’s beautiful living, breathing nature. But how often do we take the time to stop and think about all of the wonderful natural encounters we’ve had, or natural landscapes we’ve been fortunate to visit?

We’ve put together a fun guide to help you reflect on your year in nature. Part A offers guiding questions to review the past year. Part B invites you to sketch, write, paint, doodle or create a collage of your nature year in review.

Once you’ve completed your creative response to our year in review challenge, take a photo of it and upload it to Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #NCCnatureyear2015.

Want some inspiration? Our staff have compiled some of their favourite nature stories of 2015 here.

Part A: Look back on your year

What species did you learn about for the first time this year?

What is your most memorable close encounter with nature from 2015?

What fact did you learn about the natural world in 2015 that most surprised you?

What three things did you do that helped the natural world in the last year?

What natural areas did you explore for the first time?

What species did you learn to identify, by sight or sound?

Part B: Your 2015 year in nature

Now, take your answers and create a sketch/doodle/paint/collage/etc of your 2015 year in nature. Don’t forget to share them on Instagram or Twitter and tag them #NCCnatureyear2015.

Christine Beevis Trickett

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