Students of the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Shannon Cameron, Robin Greiff and Dave Muhlert are recent graduates of British Columbia's Institute of Technology’s (BCIT's) Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program. During this two-year diploma, they studied natural resource management and honed their data collection skills in the field. For their BCIT capstone project, they conducted a year-long biological study of the NCC’s Swishwash Island property in Richmond, BC.
Shannon is passionate about conserving our environment and embarked on BCIT’s fish, wildlife and recreation program to start a second career focused on just that. She currently works in municipal parks, assessing the ecological impacts of recreational use to help steer management.

Robin left her career as an education assistant to pursue her dream of working in the field of environmental conservation. When she’s not spending time exploring the great outdoors, she’s either planning her next big adventure or cooking up an elaborate meal.
Dave has always loved spending time outdoors, and worked as an electronic engineering technologist before enrolling in the fish, wildlife and recreation program. He changed paths so that he could directly contribute to protecting the natural environment, and is now beginning a new career as an environmental technician.