Jane Yearwood

Jane Yearwood (Photo courtesy Jane Yearwood)

Jane Yearwood is a Grade 11 student with a love for all animals, music, cooking and sewing.

Although Jane was born and raised in the urban environment of Toronto, Jane attended camp in Algonquin Park for several years. She and her family spent a portion of each summer on Prince Edward Island, enjoying the red sand, swaying marram grass and shimmering ocean. Jane loves the great outdoors. She spends much time walking outside with her dog, Becky.

During her middle school years, Jane served as environment prefect and helped to elevate her school to platinum environmental status. Now in high school, she has a continued interest in aiding in the protection of the environment, specifically Canada’s fragile landscapes, and is therefore very pleased to be volunteering with the Nature Conservancy of Canada this summer. 

Jane is still considering what career she would like to pursue; however, she knows that whatever choices she makes, she will live the rest of her life keeping in mind that “everything is in walking distance if you have the time.”