Jill Murray-Dimic

Jill Murray-Dimic (Photo by NCC)

Jill Murray-Dimic is the acting manager of corporate and major gifts for the Nature Conservancy of Canada's Ontario Region and is also the director of development, U.S. revenue for NCC’s National Office in the regional operations team.

Jill grew up in Ontario but spent her summers in New Waterford, Nova Scotia until she was 12 and loves the east coast.

Jill has been hiking and camping since she, and her twin sister, were two. Jill loves the outdoors, hiking and birds. From Prospect Head in NS, to Musquash Esturary in NB, to Happy Valley Forest in Ontario and Darkwoods in BC, Jill tries to visit NCC properties in every province. She currently lives in Toronto with her husband and four-year-old twins.