Symbolic species and habitat adoptions are back!

Snowy owl (Photo by ThinkStock)

Snowy owl (Photo by ThinkStock)

October 25, 2023 | by Cassandra Steele

Looking for the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life?

I’m excited to share that symbolic species and habitat adoptions are available again through the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

You may remember our former adoption program called Gifts of Canadian Nature. Now, you can support NCC in this special way once again, and take action toward protecting Canada’s incredible biodiversity. It’s also a great way to share your love of nature with those you care about.  

Here are just a handful of the species and habitats available for symbolic adoption:

  • snowy owl
  • Canada lynx
  • river otter
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Great Lakes
  • Prairies & Parklands

And so many more!

River otters (Photo by Dreamstime)

River otters (Photo by Dreamstime)

My personal favourite is the adorable river otter. I love how their whiskers look like moustaches. And who can resist those tiny ears? Did you know that their ears close up when they’re under water? As the holidays approach, I can’t wait to give my loved ones the incredible gift of protecting the habitats of their favourite animals through a symbolic adoption.

What are symbolic adoptions?

NCC’s symbolic gifts represent species and habitats that benefit from conservation work. By symbolically adopting a Canadian species or habitat, you will ensure that our country’s natural spaces are protected for today and for future generations.

The impact of species and habitat adoptions

Adopting a species or habitat is a rewarding and fun way to accelerate conservation in Canada.

Your gift will: 

  • Protect wildlife: Safeguard species and the precious spaces they call home.
  • Care for ecosystems: Rehabilitate essential habitats, enhancing our water quality and offering refuge to at-risk species.
  • Conserve natural spaces: Ensure that Canada’s breathtaking beauty remains intact — forever!
  • Share your love of nature: Give a lasting gift to someone special.

A beautiful gift to share with loved ones…or for yourself!

Each adoption comes with a personalized certificate for you to display or gift to someone special. And nothing feels better than knowing Canada’s wildlife will be safe to roam, soar or swim freely in the habitats you helped conserve, because of your support. 

Not into sending mail? Paperless digital gifts are available.

These gifts include a special email message for your gift recipient and access to a digital gift portal. Through this portal they can download their personalized certificate, read a special message from you and learn more about the species or habitat they’ve been gifted.

Check out all of our special species available for adoption and take meaningful action to protect nature for all by visiting

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