Weston Conservation Centre, AB (Photo by NCC)

Weston Conservation Centre, AB (Photo by NCC)

Leaders in Conservation

  • Tony and Liz Fricke at Mistaya Mountain, Banff AB (Photo courtesy of the Frickes)
    Tony and Liz Fricke

    Liz and Tony Fricke have always been fond of nature – and their deep connection to its beauty has inspired them to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada – an organization they say dovetails beautifully with the natural world that they love.

  • Don Dabbs (Photo courtesy of Karol Dabbs)
    Honouring Don Dabbs and his tremendous commitment to NCC

    Avid photographer, conservationist and nature enthusiast Don Dabbs will be forever missed but never forgotten. His extraordinary dedication and commitment to NCC and the conservation of Canada’s natural landscapes will live on in the countless images and video that he and his wife, Karol, have so graciously donated over the years.

  • Gus Yaki, Grasslands LIC Tour 2013, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Gustave Yaki

    As a lifelong naturalist, Gus’s knowledge, energy, and dedication have inspired countless Albertans, Canadians and individuals around the world. Gus has an extensive background and passion for the natural environment; he is practically a walking encyclopedia. Anyone in his company will attest to his biological expertise with his captivating ability to engage and inspire those around him. Gus has been part of NCC from the beginning, literally!

  • Ian and Judy Griffin, Hawksnest, Alberta (Photo courtesy of Ian and Judy Griffin)
    Ian and Judy Griffin

    Ian and Judy Griffin have been proud supporters of the Nature Conservancy of Canada in Alberta since 1998. They've volunteered and supported us in various capacities along the way. Over the past 10 years, Ian has served as a director, chair and past chair on the Alberta Regional Board, and on the NCC National Board.

  • Shawn Gervais, Kelly Ranches, LIC Red Deer River tour, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Shawn Gervais

    Shawn connected with nature as a young boy in a small mining community in northern Ontario where the wilderness was his playground.

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