Delaney Schlemko (Photo courtesy Delaney Schlemko)

Delaney Schlemko (Photo courtesy Delaney Schlemko)

Delaney Schlemko

NCC: What is your position at NCC?

DS: I am the acting natural area manager for Central Alberta.

NCC: What is your area of work?

DS: Conservation/stewardship.

NCC: Why did you join the NCC team?

DS: After working for NCC as an intern, I enjoyed the position so much that I wanted to come back! Working for the NCC as is a rewarding line of work, and it aligns nicely with my education background and passion for conservation.

NCC: When did you start with NCC?

DS: I first joined the NCC team in the summer of 2018 as an intern and returned in the spring of 2019 once I completed my degree.

NCC: What is your educational background?

DS: I have a bachelor of science degree in environmental and conservation sciences, with a major in conservation biology.

NCC: What is your previous experience?

DS: I worked with Nature Alberta as a shoreline technician in 2017 and NCC as an intern in 2018. This is my first job after university, and I am happy to be working for NCC again to kick off my career!

NCC: What are your hobbies when you’re not working for NCC?

DS: Spending time with my dog, photography, cooking/baking, hiking, camping or anything outdoorsy.

NCC: Do you have a favourite species?

DS: This is such a difficult question because I find every species very cool, so I am undecided. On a small scale, I think tardigrades are a very interesting species. My favourite plants are prairie crocus or giant blue hyssop. On the mammal level, I love Arctic foxes. And lastly, my favourite fish are sculpins.

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