Delaney Schlemko (Photo courtesy Delaney Schlemko)

Delaney Schlemko (Photo courtesy Delaney Schlemko)

Delaney Schlemko

Delaney Schlemko is the natural area manager for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in northeast Alberta, working in conservation and stewardship. During the winter, her typical day includes finalizing data and reports from the previous field season, and planning and budgeting for stewardship projects and tasks for the upcoming field season. During late spring, summer and fall, she spends many days monitoring and completing stewardship projects on NCC properties, and engaging with partners, landowners, neighbours, volunteers and the public.

Delaney joined NCC in the summer of 2018 as an intern and returned in the spring of 2019 once she completed her degree. After interning with NCC, she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to come back! Working for the NCC aligns with her education background and passion for conservation. Plus, spending lots of time exploring outdoors is a bonus!

Delaney holds a bachelor of science degree in environmental and conservation sciences, with a major in conservation biology. She worked with Nature Alberta as a shoreline technician in 2017 and NCC as an intern in 2018. Prior to her current position as the natural area manager in northeast Alberta, she was the acting natural area manager in Central Alberta, which kicked off her career after university.

Delaney enjoys spending time with her dogs, house projects, photography, cooking/baking, hiking, camping or anything outdoorsy.

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