Husavik Donor Tour (Photo by Rob Jantz)

Husavik Donor Tour (Photo by Rob Jantz)

Our Donors

  • Jean Britton and Ransom Slack (Photo provided by Britton and Slack)
    Jean Britton and Ransom Slack

    Since 2003, Jean and Ransom have been supporting conservation in Manitoba as an answer to their vow to make a difference.

  • Raif Richardson and his sons (Photo courtesy of Raif Richardson)
    Richardson Foundation

    The Richardson Foundation was established in 1957, with environmental support serving as a pillar of its mandate. The foundation’s partnership with NCC has spanned almost 20 years, including the Landmark Campaign.

  • Gary Doer (Photo courtesy of Gary Doer)
    Gary Doer

    Gary Doer was premier of Manitoba from 1999 to 2009. He legislated Manitoba’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and introduced provincial water protection legislation. He also partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to establish a shared conservation funding model.

Supporter Spotlight

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