Backus Woods, ON (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

Backus Woods, ON (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

Faces of NCC

  • Old Baldy, Charleston Lake, ON (Photo by Dan Tristram)
    A family legacy on the shores of Charleston Lake

    How one man’s drive to protect a piece of Charleston Lake became a family legacy.

  • Allison Tait, tattoo artist and NCC donor (Photo courtesy of Allison Tait)
    Allison Tait: Designing for nature

    Recognize and give back. Every profit is paid for by nature. A balance must be struck to replenish and give back. This is the ancient Toltec philosophy that guides business owner, nature lover and tattooist, Allison Tait.

  • Areez Gangji (Photo courtesy of Areez Gangji)
    Areez Gangji

    At the top of Areez Gangji's list of charitable organizations is the Nature Conservancy of Canada. He makes flexible gifts to NCC, and NCC spends his donations on projects of greatest need.

  • James Duncan (Photo by NCC)
    Celebrating a life of conservation

    On January 15, 2018, NCC lost a true champion for conservation, James Duncan, regional vice-president for Ontario. His legacy lives on through the James Duncan Memorial Fund.

  • Courtney Huberts, from Nature's Aid (Photo courtesy of Nature's Aid)
    Courtney Huberts: Nature's Aid

    Meet Courtney Huberts of Nature's Aid, creators of natural skin care products for the whole family, including your pets.

  • Gary Bell, Eastern Ontario Program Director, and NCC donor Greg Poehlmann (Photo by NCC)
    Greg Poehlmann

    Meet Greg Poehlmann: A longtime supporter of NCC, with a fondness for the natural beauty of Ontario's Frontenac Arch.

  • Ian Wallace (Photo by NCC)
    Ian Wallace: Dispenser Amenities

    Ian Wallace, CEO of Dispenser Amenities, shares his thoughts on being a CEO who prioritizes the environment, and the challenge of trying to shift the hospitality industry toward sustainable approaches.

  • Jim Phillips of Copernicus Educational Products (Photo courtesy of Copernicus)
    Jim Phillips, Copernicus Educational Products

    Copernicus Educational Products' Jim Phillips shares his thoughts on being a CEO who prioritizes the environment, and his appreciation for the nature he grew up with in Ontario.

  • John Grant, former program director for midwestern Ontario (Photo by NCC)
    John Grant: A legacy of a quarter-century of service

    John Grant, former program director for midwestern Ontario and the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) longest-serving employee, reflects on his career in conservation and on what the future holds for the next chapter of NCC’s story.

  • Judy and Lou Probst (Photo by NCC)
    Lou and Judy Probst: Guardians of the Carden Alvar

    Lou and Judy had always planned to gift their land to NCC, but back at the end of the 1990s the Probsts also helped to bring to fruition the Nature Conservancy of Canada's first successful conservation project on the Carden Alvar.

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