Something's Fishy: A razor-sharp invader

Zebra mussel (Photo by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

My first encounter with zebra mussels is an experience many Canadians can relate to. It started with searing pain, a yelp and a quick hobble out of the water and up onto a rocky shoreline to examine the bottom of my foot, sliced open ever so...

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Put nature on the menu this summer

Atlantic salmon with creamy pesto zoodles (Photo by NCC)

In my opinion, nature is the single greatest provider that we, as humans, have. Nature gives us the opportunity to explore beautiful and unique landscapes, and there’s so much inspiration to be found in the forest or on the water. Since...

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My plastic-free week

Reusable shopping bags (Photo by Raechel Bonomo/NCC staff)

When I made a pledge to myself to go a week without consuming any single-use plastic, I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was under the impression that if I simply declined the five-cent bag at the grocery store I would be in the clear. I...

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Turtles: Canada's culture in a shell

Blanding's turtle, Frontenac Arch Natural Area, ON (Photo by Ryan M. Bolton)

Blanding's turtle, Frontenac Arch Natural Area, Ontario (Photo by Ryan M. Bolton)

It was a gloomy day in southern Ontario. Although the canoe I paddled in was quiet, the landscape — filled with croaks and chirping — was anything but. Ten feet away, a small creature emerged from the glass-like water to stretch its...

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Conserving Canada's grasslands

Pronghorn antelope, Old Man on His Back (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Pronghorn antelope, Old Man on His Back (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

There are many reasons why grasslands are endangered in Canada and around the world. Globally, grasslands are faced with continuing habitat loss, fragmentation and desertification. These impact both biodiversity and people who rely on healthy...

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An emblem worthy of a mother’s love

Pink lady's-slipper, ON (Photo by NCC)

Every Mother’s Day, I buy my mom her favourite chocolates and a bouquet of fresh flowers. This may seem like an easy-out gift for this day, but I’ve yet to come across a mother who doesn’t love flowers. Mine loves yellow...

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5 workouts to take out of the gym and into nature

Yoga in nature (Photo by Matthew Ragan, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Healthy living isn’t one size fits all. Many people find success with maintaining a healthy way of life through a variety of different diets, workouts and lifestyles. After graduation from college, I found it challenging to lose the weight...

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Home tweet home: Making a bird feeder

Eastern bluebird, ON (Photo by Cameron Curran)

One of my favourite memories of my mother is of her sitting on the back porch of our new home, looking out into the backyard. With a cup of tea in hand, the sun lightly dancing on her face, she excitedly whispered to me, “Look! Do you see...

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Tracking animals by what they leave behind

Fresh coyote scat chock full of deer hair (Photo by Mark Stabb/NCC staff)

Fresh coyote scat chock-full of deer hair (Photo by Mark Stabb/NCC staff)

Wildlife tracking is one of the many fun nature activities you can take part in. One of my favourite pastimes is pointing out something to a friend or family member that they may have never noticed before, especially something left behind by...

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Plogging: What it is and why you should try it on your next run

Running in nature (Photo from Masterfile)

Plogging, a combination of jogging and picking up litter, is a new trend dashing across the world. Originating in Sweden in 2016, it has now made its way to other parts of the world, including Canada. It began as an organized activity to combat...

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