Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Tree planters at H.G. Lawrence. (Photo by Wild + Pine)
    Giving nature a helping hand

    Work to restore NCC's H.G. Lawrence property is underway, with the help of planting partner Wild + Pine.
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  • Emilie Brien talks to a group of students at NCC's Fleming Ranch (Photo by Derek Shackleford)
    Schools of thought amid flocks of birds and herds of elk

    Nature is a powerful teacher, so why not make the great outdoors a classroom?
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  • Bumblebee on rose (Photo by Sean Feagan/NCC staff)
    Protecting our pollinators: From small seeds to large landscapes

    Alberta’s native bee species, a diverse group of pollinators essential to both ecosystems and agriculture, need our help.
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  • Least sandpiper (Photo by Sean Feagan/NCC staff)
    No Rest for the Winged

    How far can you travel without a break to rest and eat? For many migratory birds, wetlands serve as key pit stops on their seasonal epic journeys.
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  • Newton and Molly making faces at the wildlife cameras, photo by NCC.
    Linking landscapes and families: creating a culture of service at any age

    Learn about how families are getting outside to volunteer for nature.
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  • Play Clean Go boot brush station and Waterton National Park signage (Photo by Waterton National Park)
    Play Clean Go

    Help to prevent the spread of invasive species with the Play Clean Go campaign.
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