Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • NatureTalks
    NatureTalks in your own home

    This year, the Nature Conservancy of Canada created a series of NatureTalks webinars to keep Canadians engaged in our conservation efforts during COVID-19 and physical distancing. If you were unable to attend these webinars as they occurred, now may be a good time to catch up on some conservation conversations.
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  • Cucumbers vines, mid summer (Photo by NCC)
    My happy place

    I always knew that spending time outdoors was important to me. It took being stuck at home during a pandemic, however, to really appreciate the nature in my backyard.
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  • Bunchberry Meadows entrance (Photo by NCC)
    Help keep Bunchberry dog-free

    Summers are a great time to get outdoors and explore local trails, and many of us want our canine companions to accompany us on our adventures. While many places welcome dogs, visitors to local conservation area Bunchberry Meadows are being asked to please respect site rules and leave their canine friends at home.
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  • NCC staff running in the marathon (Photo by NCC)
    Run for Nature

    For the seventh year in a row, NCC will be participating in the Calgary Marathon's Charity Challenge. Because this year's races are virtual, you can now support NCC's efforts from anywhere in Canada!
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  • Lee Moltzahn (Photo courtesy Lee Moltzahn/NCC staff)
    Lee Moltzahn turns his passion into a career

    Lee Moltzahn has made a career out of caring for rangelands, lands that are used to graze livestock and managed as a natural ecosystem. As a natural area manager at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), caring for native habitat is his job.
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  • Magpie (Photo by David Ellis)
    Queg! Queg! Queg!

    A member of the crow family Corvidae, the magpie is a large, black and white North American bird with a long iridescent greenish black, wedge-shaped tail. Their presence is known by their raucous “queg, queg, queg” call or sometimes a persistent nasal querulous maag-sounding voice.
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