Big Trout Bay, ON (Photo by Costal Productions)

Big Trout Bay, ON (Photo by Costal Productions)

Stories From the Field

  • Phragmites control at Oliphant, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Coming together against a common foe on the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula

    Oliphant, Ontario, is an area with deeply rooted history and part of the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. Here, a community-led effort to control invasive phragmites has been ongoing for many years.
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  • Jill and Steven at Hastings Wildlife Junction, ON (Photo by NCC)
    How conservation, a guitar from Rush’s Getty Lee, Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes and rare wines are related

    It is soul-warming to see other organizations join with NCC, looking to support conservation — like Grapes for Humanity (GFH), an organization that raises funds to support climate change action, among other causes.
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  • Vidal Bay, Manitoulin Island, ON (Photo by Striking Balance)
    Highlights of 2021 in Ontario

    Thanks to your support, we are celebrating another successful year of conservation in the Ontario Region. Reflect with us on some of the top highlights from the year.
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  • Town Island, ON (Photo by Patty Nelson)
    Protecting Town Island: A biologist’s perspective

    In this video, Kristyn Ferguson shares what makes Town Island an urgent conservation priority, and its importance for both people and animals.
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  • Honeybee on butterflyweed (Photo by NCC)
    Native plant gardening in Ontario

    This spring, consider a low-maintenance garden that promotes native biodiversity. We've compiled some resources to help get you started.
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  • Minesing Wetlands (Photo by NCC)
    Forests, wetlands and grasslands: The superheroes of flood control

    Forests, wetlands and even grasslands help to slow down erosion, absorb water and provide a natural buffer to lakes and rivers.
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  • Flight Club Marsh sign (Photo courtesy of Paul Brisco, LandSaleListings)
    How a hunt club became NCC’s newest conservation area

    NCC is proud to be the new owner of the Flight Club marsh and part of a landscape-scale collaboration to ensure the Big Creek marshes continue to provide critical habitat for waterfowl and other species.
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  • Blue-spotted salamander (Photo by John Mitchell, Figment Films)
    Salamanders of Pelee Island

    Pelee Island is home to three species of salamander: red-spotted newt, small-mouthed salamander and blue-spotted salamander. It is also home to a unique population of unisexual (all-female) salamanders found nowhere else in Canada.
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  • Gray fox (Photo by Ken Canning)
    Discover the plants and animals of Pelee Island

    Pelee is the largest in a series of islands known as the Western Lake Erie Islands, and provides habitat for many rare species at the far northern edge of their range. Here are just some of the many species that inhabit this special place.
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  • Restored wetland, Pelee Island, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Pelee Island is for the birds

    In the warm, green-blue waters of Lake Erie, Ontario’s Pelee Island is a haven for hundreds of species of migratory birds. NCC welcomes you to discover what we are doing to protect this special place, and to come visit.
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  • Carden Alvar, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Episode Four: The Home of the Butcher Bird

    This is the story of a globally rare ecosystem discovered by chance – and why it matters.
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