First days in the field

Wooden post on a farm field (Photo by Encinalens/Wikimedia Commons)

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Eleven years ago, it was my first day in the field (ever) and I wanted so badly to not screw up. I wasn’t an outdoorsy person, I wasn’t good at working with my hands, I really wasn’t...

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An emblem worthy of a mother’s love

Pink lady's-slipper, ON (Photo by NCC)

Every Mother’s Day, I buy my mom her favourite chocolates and a bouquet of fresh flowers. This may seem like an easy-out gift for this day, but I’ve yet to come across a mother who doesn’t love flowers. Mine loves yellow...

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It's the little things that matter

Miner bee on wild strawberry (Photo by Marika Olynyk/NCC staff)

A trip to the cottage is often a reminder to stop and enjoy the small things in life. And the small things can be rather small indeed. On any given summer day, we are surrounded by thousands of pollinating insects going about their business. The...

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Growing with nature

Children exploring the outdoors (Photo by Nature Office for the International Day of Forest Kindergarten)

While the move toward using digital media in education reached universities and schools years ago, the educational concept of forest kindergartens is recently gaining more and more attention worldwide. This model for early childhood education...

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What the meadowlark sang to my grandmother

Western meadowlark (Photo by Allison Haskell)

I am not a professional biologist or a fanatical birder like many of my colleagues. I feel like I am surrounded — I mean, it’s Saskatchewan, so it’s tough to feel surrounded by much of anyone or anything — by highly trained...

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5 workouts to take out of the gym and into nature

Yoga in nature (Photo by Matthew Ragan, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Healthy living isn’t one size fits all. Many people find success with maintaining a healthy way of life through a variety of different diets, workouts and lifestyles. After graduation from college, I found it challenging to lose the weight...

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Naturalists notice nature – even in winter

There may be a lot more happening than meets the eye in the dead of winter (Photo by Dispatches from the Field)

For some, it is easy during cold, snowy days (when it’s supposed to be spring!) to curl up with a cozy blanket, a good book, and a hot cup of tea. But where does the wildlife go at this time of year? Sure, some animals migrate to where it is...

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Earth Day 2018: Buddies, boundaries and nearby nature

Red trillium (Photo by Sherry Nigro)

Earth Day is a good time to think about the future. How do we ensure our children grow up healthy and happy? Research suggests that the answer is right outside our back door: help them connect with nature. Benefits of time in nature Spending...

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Tracking animals by what they leave behind

Fresh coyote scat chock full of deer hair (Photo by Mark Stabb/NCC staff)

Fresh coyote scat chock-full of deer hair (Photo by Mark Stabb/NCC staff)

Wildlife tracking is one of the many fun nature activities you can take part in. One of my favourite pastimes is pointing out something to a friend or family member that they may have never noticed before, especially something left behind by...

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Connect with people and nature through volunteering

Conservation Volunteers planting trees at Swishwash Island, BC (Photo by NCC)

For me, spring is a time of new beginnings. As the ground starts to thaw and we begin to shed our winter layers, the rhythm of the season draws us outdoors, where we can breathe in the fresh spring air. Spring bulbs push their way through the cold...

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