Gary oak habitat (Photo by Tim Ennis)

Gary oak habitat (Photo by Tim Ennis)

Donor Spotlight

  • Cathy Rand (Photo courtesy of Cathy Rand)
    Cathy Rand

    Having spent her career working in the public health field, Cathy Rand knows about the deep connection between a healthy environment and healthy people.

  • Raif Richardson and his sons (Photo courtesy of Raif Richardson)
    Richardson Foundation

    The Richardson Foundation was established in 1957, with environmental support serving as a pillar of its mandate. The foundation’s partnership with NCC has spanned almost 20 years, including the Landmark Campaign.

  • John Risley (Photo by Denis Duquette)
    John Risley

    John has continued to support a number of NCC projects over the years. He’s also a dedicated volunteer, having already helped raise funds as part of the Landmark, A Force for Nature and Natural Masterpieces campaigns.

  • Anne Robertson (Photo by Rose-Marie Burke)
    Anne Robertson

    It's good to get people out there connecting with nature.

  • Joan B. Rose (Photo courtesy of Joan B. Rose)
    Joan B. Rose

    "I am proud that I have been a long-time supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). I became a supporter because of my love of wildlife and the habitats they live in."

  • NCC Leaf logo
    The Sadler Family

    "When we first donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 1989, our children were one, three and five years old. We were already in the habit of hiking at local conservation areas and parks."

  • Allan Shaw (Photo by Denis Duquette)
    Allan Shaw

    In a choice between nature and development, Allan Shaw chose to go green.

  • Jean Britton and Ransom Slack (Photo provided by Britton and Slack)
    Jean Britton and Ransom Slack

    Since 2003, Jean and Ransom have been supporting conservation in Manitoba as an answer to their vow to make a difference.

  • NCC Leaf logo
    Russell Smith

    When I first received The Ark and read about the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) five-year plan to raise money for wildlife habitat, it sounded like one of the best programs being done in Canada.

  • Peter Solonysznyj (Photo by Silvana Pozzebon)
    Peter Solonysznyj, long-time NCC volunteer and donor in Quebec

    Peter Solonysznyj has been a faithful and committed donor, leader in conservation and Conservation Volunteer at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) since 2008. Learn about what motivates him to be such a nature lover.

  • Scott Thomson (Photo Courtesy of L. Scott Thomson)
    Scott Thomson

    As president and chief executive officer of world-leading Caterpillar equipment dealer, Finning International Inc., Scott Thomson knows a thing or two about a unique value proposition. It’s what drives him to the heart of what he says makes the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) a win-win.

  • Brian Tobin (Photo courtesy of Brian Tobin)
    Brian Tobin

    Brian Tobin is the vice-chair of BMO Financial Group.

  • Portage Lake (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)
    Trottier Family Foundation

    We sat down with the Trottier Family Foundation to get a sense what motivated them to support environmental philanthropy.

  • True nOARth team, clockwise from top left: Charlotte Sobolewski, Sandra Farwell, Kristin Jeffery and Colleen Whelan (Photo by Danielle Davies)
    True nOARth strong and free

    Colleen Whelan, Charlotte Sobolewski, Kristin Jeffery and Sandra Farwell have a message to share. And they’re willing to endure the near unthinkable to make sure Canadians, especially Canadian women, are listening.

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