The wetlands on Luxor Linkage (Photo by NCC)

The wetlands on Luxor Linkage (Photo by NCC)

Rocky Mountain Trench

  • Carol, Walter and Canela Latter at Cherry Meadows (Photo courtesy the Latters)
    Cherry Meadows

    This charming East Kootenay property was donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada by Carol and Walter Latter.

  • Martina Shovar dances at the celebration for Columbia Lake-Lot 48 (Photo by Cole Lord May)
    Columbia Lake - Lot 48

    After decades of effort to conserve the last remaining unprotected property on the east shore of Columbia Lake, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and our partners succeeded in purchasing this ecologically and culturally important property.

  • Dutch Creek Hoodoos (Photo by Steve Ogle)
    Dutch Creek Hoodoos Conservation Area

    The towering natural rock formations stand as a landmark feature of the Columbia Valley.

  • Bighorn sheep on Luxor Linkage (Photo by Bonnie-Lou Ferris)
    Luxor Linkage Conservation Area

    This spectacular property in the East Kootenay spans forest, grassland and wetland habitats, and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, elk and grizzly bear.

  • Wetlands in the Marion Creek Benchlands, British Columbia (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)
    Marion Creek Benchlands

    Wedged between the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Range in south eastern BC, the Rocky Mountain Trench is a flat-bottomed valley carved into existence by the Columbia River.

  • Balsamroot, Pine Butte Ranch, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)
    Pine Butte Ranch

    An active cattle ranch located near Cranbrook in the East Kootenay, Pine Butte Ranch is celebrated for the exemplary health and productivity of both its cattle and its grasslands.

  • SRL-K2 Ranch Conservation Project (Photo by NCC)
    SRL-K2 Ranch Conservation Project

    A conservation agreement now protects more than 4,500 hectares (11,000 acres) of this historic East Kootenay ranch.

  • Brian Mckersie, Thunder Hill Ranch, British Columbia (Photo courtesy of Brian Mckersie)
    Thunder Hill Ranch

    Located in the ecologically important Columbia Valley, Thunder Hill Ranch contains many of the key natural features that make this area such a hotspot for conservation activity.

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