Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Wood duck at Chase Woods Nature Preserve (Photo by Ren Ferguson)
    Build it and they will come

    Following successful wetland restoration at the Chase Woods Natural Preserve, a local avian survey specialist reports an overall increase in the number and diversity of birds in the area.
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  • Prescribed burn at Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve (Photo by Pete Laing)
    How to burn a meadow

    After six years of waiting, the right combination of weather, people and planning finally allowed us to set the Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve on fire.
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  • Pair of Williamson's sapsucker (Photo by Patty McGann)
    Home is where the heart rot is

    Imagine being so particular about the house you can live in that if your home were destroyed it would take centuries to build a new one. For old-growth-forest-dependent species like Williamson’s sapsucker, this is exactly the situation they face.
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  • Volunteers at James Island (Photo by NCC)
    The secret life of common garden plants

    In the spirit of national Invasive Species Awareness Week, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s stewardship coordinators in BC are sharing some notable troublesome invasive plants that they manage on our conservation lands.
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  • Students from John Norquay Public School, Nature Days Vancouver (Photo by HSBC Bank Canada)
    Checking up on Cheakamus

    It’s a cold wet February day when Steve Godfrey and Esme Batten arrive at the Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale, BC, to conduct the annual conservation check up.
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  • Kootenay River Ranch ecosystem restoration project (Photo by NCC)
    Restoring open forests and grasslands in the East Kootenay

    Winter is an important time for tending to forest management on NCC’s conservation land in the East Kootenay. This is when we get busy with thinning the trees that are encroaching on the open forest and grassland ecosystems that have naturally occurred here for thousands of years.
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