Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Adult northern leopard frog (Photo by Calgary Zoo/Wilder Institute)
    Coming home to Frog Bear

    In the 21st century, northern leopard frogs in BC have their last breeding habitat in Creston Valley. Restoring the native wetland ecosystems that once supported this small, but significant amphibian will help their population thrive once again.
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  • Lewis's woodpecker (Photo by fishaspey / iNaturalist, CC-BY-NC)
    Finding a home in unexpected places

    Home to many cavity-dwelling species including the Lewis's woodpecker, wildlife trees harbour hidden biodiverse worlds. How do we make sure these habitats last in BC?
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  • Mushrooms of mycorrhizal fungi associated with Garry oak trees (Photo by Larry White)
    What's in a name?

    As we learn more about the mutually beneficial relationship between Garry oak trees and the microscopic fungi at their root tips, a team of researchers are untangling decades of misidentification with these fungi species.
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  • Side channel of Elk River at Morrissey Meadows (Photo by NCC)
    Building wetlands, enhancing resiliency

    Building a stable shoreline by Elk River's side channel in Morrissey Meadows is key to restoring connectivity for endangered trout species and ensuring ecosystem resiliency for carnivores traversing on the land.
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  • Darkwoods, as seen from the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area at the south end of Kootenay Lake, BC. (Photo by M. A. Beaucher)
    Solo 1,400-kilometre bike ride for awareness

    Alex Simakov cycled from Calgary to Vancouver to raise awareness for NCC's work in the Canadian Rockies.
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  • Lac du Bois (Photo by NCC)
    Cleaning up Lac du Bois

    Lac du Bois is a popular spot to hang out in nature. But all this love can leave a mess. Our annual cleanup at this conservation area finds out just what get left behind after a year of picnics in the grasslands.
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