Sunset at Hay Bay, ON (Photo by Ethan Meleg)

Sunset at Hay Bay, ON (Photo by Ethan Meleg)

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  • The breathtaking Backus Woods in Ontario. One of the best examples of Carolinian old-growth forest in the country. (Photo by Ann Tipper and Zach Melnick)
    Backus Woods

    In 2010, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), with the support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, successfully conserved Backus Woods, a spectacular older-growth Carolinian forest.
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  • Baldwick Bluff, Minesing Wetlands, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Baldwick Bluff

    NCC has the opportunity to purchase 32 hectares (80 acres) of forests, fields, wetlands and headwater streams surrounding the core of the Minesing Wetlands.
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  • Prairie smoke, Cedarhurst, Carden Alvar, ON (Photo by William McIntyre)
    Cedarhurst Alvar

    Located in the heart of the Carden Alvar, the 551-hectare (1,362-acre) Cedarhurst Alvar contains some of the highest quality and most extensive alvar habitat on the planet.
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  • A wetland in the Frontenac Arch, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Frontenac Arch

    The Frontenac Arch is a critical habitat linkage of forests, wetlands and lakes. Home to many at-risk and globally rare species, the Arch serves as a funnel for migrating birds, bats and insects, and animals with large home ranges such as black bear, moose and eastern wolf.
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  • Hike in Happy Valley Forest, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Happy Trails Project

    NCC is working to create a one-kilometre accessible trail, accessible parking area and improved wayfinding and educational signage at Happy Valley Forest.
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  • Lathrop Nature Preserve, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Lathrop Nature Preserve pond restoration project

    Find out how NCC's restoration work on the Lathrop Nature Preserve will improve trail safety, habitat connectivity and downstream water quality for brook trout, American eel and other aquatic species.
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  • Blanding's turtle (Photo by Ryan M. Bolton)
    MapleCross Coastline Reserve

    The MapleCross Coastline Reserve is a collection of undeveloped shoreline, coastal wetland, forest, alvar and grassland habitats.
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  • Restored wetland, Pelee Island, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Pelee Island

    For more than 10 years NCC has been working to transform former agricultural fields into thriving native meadows and wetlands on Pelee Island. Now we are hoping to create our biggest wetland yet!
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  • Black oak, Rice Lake Plains, ON (Photo by Chelsea Marcantonio)
    Salt Creek

    Located 40 kilometres northeast of Cobourg, on the Oak Ridges Moraine, are almost 40 hectares (almost 100 acres) of black oak woodland – a habitat type that has been all but lost from Ontario.
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  • Bobolink (Photo by Bill Hubick)
    Staley Point

    Staley Point’s large marsh wetlands on the south side of the property filter water flowing off the island into Lake Ontario, while providing habitat for an impressive suite of waterfowl.
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