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The prolific nature of the hummingbird

Sweetiebird, an Anna's hummingbird, on one of her nests. (Photo by Eric Pittman)

I had no idea how many nests a hummingbird could build in a year. In fact, I hardly thought about hummingbirds at all until Sweetiebird entered our lives. Sweetiebird revealed herself to us by fluttering out of the pear tree in our backyard every...

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Lakeside daisy: The yellow jewel of spring

Lakeside daisy (Photo by Charles Peirce)

There is nothing quite like witnessing the beauty of flowering lakeside daisies across an alvar in early June. This brilliant yellow fmember of the aster family is found almost exclusively on the alvars of the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula and southern...

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This man's first sign of spring

Blue-winged olive (Photo by Paul Weamer)

For many, spring can often be hard to pinpoint. A botanist may list countless flowering plants, a birdwatcher may look to the skies in search of spring in the form of returning melodies, while Homo consumeris will notice the piles of winter...

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April roundup: Conservation and nature stories that caught our eye this month

Honey bee (Photo from Bees Matter)

Every day, countless inspiring and informative stories are published about conservation successes or discoveries in nature and wildlife around the world. Here are some that caught our attention in April 2017: No fur, no oxygen, no...

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