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Kick-start your conservation career by interning

NCC conservation intern monitoring plant communities (Photo by NCC)

NCC conservation intern monitoring plant communities (Photo by NCC)

If you’re close to graduating from a post-secondary institution, you may have already started to think about applying for jobs related to your field of study. While school is an excellent place to expand your general knowledge, not all...

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Heard it from a Scout: Why it's important to promote nature stewardship among youth

Oakville Scouts hold a community cleanup during Good Turn Week. (Photo from Scouts Canada)

Nature is a magnificent thing, from waking up to the sweet sound of birds in the spring, to floating in cool, salty water on a hot, summer day, to majestic, snowy mountaintops in the winter. So much beauty can be found in nature, yet humans have a...

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Penning a conservation ode to expecting caribou mothers

One of the last mountain caribou left in the Southern Selkirks herd, photographed here in the Darkwoods Conservation Area owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. These caribou have been amazingly hard to track down. (Photo by Dave Moskowitz)

Upon our first in-person meeting, Norm Merz, wildlife biologist for the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, met us at his office, soaked up to his knees from having already spent the better part of the morning walking through wet meadows. When I spoke...

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The call of the Carden

Team Pedalling for Nature includes Cameron Curran, Aiesha Aggarwal, Dorthea Hangaard and Susan Blayney. (Photo by NCC)

Just imagine an opportunity to embark on an expedition that immerses you in the depths of wilderness, where you get to learn, explore and engage with nature alongside like-minded people — a whirlwind "safari," if you will. For 24 hours,...

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Places worth protecting: Canada's natural landscapes

Looking out off Round Top, QC (Photo by Eric Tschaeppele)

Julien Poisson on Round Top, QC (Photo by Eric Tschaeppele)

Planning is a cornerstone of effective conservation. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has an immense responsibility to both our donors and to nature to invest in the right places, at the right time, and for the right reasons. To ensure we...

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