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It's the little things that matter

Miner bee on wild strawberry (Photo by Marika Olynyk/NCC staff)

A trip to the cottage is often a reminder to stop and enjoy the small things in life. And the small things can be rather small indeed. On any given summer day, we are surrounded by thousands of pollinating insects going about their business. The...

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It's complicated, honey

Sweat bee on Flax (Photo by Marika Olynyk/NCC staff)

Sweat bee on Flax (Photo by Marika Olynyk)

Spring draws nigh: the season of the birds and the bees. Birdsong is a welcome gift, but where would we be without bees? Their obsessive quest for pollen and nectar keeps much of Alberta’s native flora alive. There would be fewer willows,...

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Growing with nature

Children exploring the outdoors (Photo by Nature Office for the International Day of Forest Kindergarten)

While the move toward using digital media in education reached universities and schools years ago, the educational concept of forest kindergartens is recently gaining more and more attention worldwide. This model for early childhood education...

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What the meadowlark sang to my grandmother

Western meadowlark (Photo by Allison Haskell)

I am not a professional biologist or a fanatical birder like many of my colleagues. I feel like I am surrounded — I mean, it’s Saskatchewan, so it’s tough to feel surrounded by much of anyone or anything — by highly trained...

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Himalayan blackberry and English holly and Japanese knotweed…oh my!

East bank of Centre Creek overrun by dense Himalayan blackberry (Photo by Lynn Pinnell)

As part of my bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia, I had the honour of doing an independent research project with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). For the project, I mapped all occurrences of invasive species at...

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