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Snapping up turtle eggs

Snapping turtle eggs were packed in damp sand for transport. (Photo by David Beevis)

Turtle populations face a number of threats, including loss of habitat and being hit while crossing roads. Recently, turtle populations in a local lake near where we live in Port Hope, Ontario, was exposed to a combination of factors threatening...

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Parasitism: The dark side of symbiosis

Sand steenbras infected with tongue-eating louse (Photo by Marco Vinci/Wikimedia Commons)

In nature, when two individuals of different species often live in close association with each other, this leads to a phenomenon called symbiosis. There are three types of symbiosis: Mutualism is a win-win situation for both organisms because...

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Sinkholes, cliffs and ravines – oh my!

Amy exploring a section of karst forest in Cape Breton, NS (Photo by NCC)

As a conservation intern for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Atlantic Region this summer, I’ve battled mosquitoes and deer flies, bushwhacked through rose bushes and hawthorns, almost lost a rubber boot in an open bog...

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An ode to nature-loving grandparents

Playing cards with grandma by the campfire. (Photo courtesy Falkenburger family)

Dirty hands, scraped knees, messy hair, dressing up in old dresses, daily snacks, park visits, tree climbing and endless hugs. Looking back at my childhood, this is often what my days at my grandparents’ house in Toronto looked like. I was...

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