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How plastic waste threatens marine organisms

Plastic waste is often seen washed up on shorelines (Photo by Kevin Krejc/Wikimedia Commons)

Ocean plastic pollution has grabbed worldwide attention in quite a short period of time. This is because the impact of plastic waste on marine plants and animals is tremendous. Plastic garbage patches the size of small countries floating on the...

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How animals judge distance

Peregrine falcon  (Photo by Stuart Clarke)

Peregrine falcon is an endangered species that lives year round on Vancouver Island. Waterfowl are a favourite food of this powerful and fast-flying raptor. (Photo by Stuart Clarke)

Animals can jump great distances, dodge predators and catch fast moving prey. How do they do it? They use their binocular vision to judge the distance in a millisecond. The question of how this works came to me from a curious Saskatchewan...

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12 tweetable facts about Canadian snakes

Blue racer (Photo by Joe Crowley)

Blue racer (Photo by Joe Crowley)

In honour of World Reptile Day, here are some interesting tidbits about Canada's native snake species to share with your friends and followers on Twitter: In Canada, the blue racer snake is found only on Pelee Island. (Tweet this!) When...

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Connecting to nature and my ancestry from the stern of a canoe

Me at the mouth of the Voyageurs and Old Voyageurs channels (Photo by Christine Beevis Trickett/NCC staff)

This story is about my experiences on and personal connections to what is now known as the French River, in Ontario. Long before European settlers came, this area was occupied by Indigenous Peoples. The original caretakers of the land, this is the...

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Conservation beyond the cubicle

Conservation Volunteers at the

Despite working for a conservation organization, I spend my workdays in an office, surrounded by cubicle walls, eyes glued to my computer screen and my fingers happily tapping away at my keyboard. So when an opportunity to join one of the Nature...

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