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Feeling small in a big world, but I'm okay with it

Arizona Alamo Canyon (Photo by Jenna Siu/NCC)

When I was in grade school, I would spend some time at a friend’s lakeside cottage each summer. We would catch toads and frogs and put them in a bucket with some water. I would think, "This is neat, they are slimy and weird looking." I also...

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A whoosh in the night

Common nighthawk resting on its nest (Photo by NCC)

Wandering through the forests, grasslands, and alvars of the Bruce Peninsula at dusk brings a certain calm to the soul; a type of peace that is seldom found in the bustle of a city at night. The forests are abuzz with the sounds of nocturnal...

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The Friday Five: Conservation and nature stories from around the world that caught our eyes this week

Common lionfish (Photo by Michael Gäbler, Wikimedia Commons)

Each week, countless inspiring and informative stories are published about conservation successes or discoveries in nature and wildlife around the world. Here are some of the conservation and nature stories that caught our attention the week of...

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Starry, starry nights and big-eared bats

NCC Magazine Summer 2016 issue (Photo by NCC)

When I received the Summer 2016 issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) magazine the cover photo had me wishing I was somewhere else, specifically the Old Man on His Back Prairie Heritage and Conservation Area, a flagship NCC property in...

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